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Following Fitness Pilates methods, my classes are challenging, relaxing and rewarding. I welcome Beginners to Advanced clients on a one to one or group basis. Absolute beginners are very much welcome as adaptations can be given throughout classes. I sometimes use simple pieces of exercise equipment in my classes to help you with your range of movement, posture, strength, wellbeing, repair, flexibility, balance and mobility....
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Alderley Pilates is one of the leading Pilates studios in the UK. A centre of excellence for both teaching and practice, we offer a variety of classes for all ages and abilities in a tranquil and uplifting setting. Visit us and discover the difference for yourself: Small class sizes, plenty of individual attention and highly trained teachers as well as a warm and welcoming environment and a beautiful studio.
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The Body Control Pilates ® Method is based on the work of Joseph Pilates who began to develop his Method around the time of the First World War before opening a studio in New York in the 1920’s. His studio soon attracted the city’s ‘elite’ with actors, dancers and athletes finding that his exercises perfected and completed their traditional programme and catered for their individual needs – building strength without adding bulk, balancing that strength with flexibility, and achieving the perfect harmony between mind and body....
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THE PERFECT COMBINATION in a Pilates Studio is made up of talented instructors and diversity in equpment. each class is designed in a unique manner, ussing all the equipment to cater to the client´s needs and wishes and to provide them with a unmatchable experience every time be in private or in group. QUALITY IS OUR PASSION. A LASTING COMMITMENT, at BMC we know that the best results are obtained when one works within their level, making progress in each class. Great Service by Great People!
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Pilates is a holistic approach to well-being, fitness and health - a form of exercise that unites mind and body, breath with movement and balances strength with flexibility. The Pilates repertoire of exercises can be modified or progressed in numerous ways which makes it a popular choice for people at all stages of life and fitness levels, to relieve neck or back pain, or injuries related to stress and overuse of joints and muscles, it will strengthen and tone your body to enable you to look and feel better. Pilates offers a complete body workout, with a focus on developing awareness of posture and challenging the body with exercises that are gentle yet deeply effective to restore a sense of balance, order and ease in the body....
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PhysioworksNI is a leading Physiotherapy clinic based in Gilnahirk, East Belfast specialising in the treatment of back pain and sports injuries. Our therapists are registered with the Health Professionals Council and are skilled in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. After assessment our physios will design a treatment plan for you which may include manual massage, ultrasound, traction, acupuncture or kinesio taping. We also offer sports massage as a method of keeping your body working at its optimum level....
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Our instructors are Body Control Pilates qualified, levels 3 and 4, ranging from matwork and equipment professionals, through to back care and specific group specialists (i.e. pregnancy Pilates). Instructors have their own unique teaching styles and fun, vibrant personalities. Don't delay; book today!
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This form of exercise is not new. Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. Joseph didn’t enjoy the best of health, and this showed him the importance of physical fitness and enabled him to strengthen his body. He started to develop a system of exercises to keep his body strong and supple. As a German working in England (he taught self defence to British Detectives), he was interned at the outbreak of war in 1914. During this period he used his exercise system to keep himself and others fit and healthy....
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Pilates Evo is like no other Pilates system. It is unique. Developed in London by Chris Hunt Pilates, it is different because it takes Pilates in a new and exciting direction incorporating functional training methods and movement patterns, whilst treating the body holistically and staying true to Pilates principles. Pilates Evo flows with sequences of moves lasting 60 or 90 minutes. It uses a uniq...
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Achieve your leanest body ever with an improved posture that makes you look and feel your very best. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Small pilates classes in Brighton Kemptown that are challenging and fun taught by friendly experienced teachers. We offer.. Pilates classes...
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