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Top World Recognized Pilates Schools List 2014


Below are a list of the world’s top, established, “Pilates Schools” who offer certification programing, recognized by PAPT / The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles and  Although PAPT / The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles and does not endorse or recommend one school over another, any school presented on this list is known to be in good standing within the Pilates world community, and has a proven consistent history of producing many of the world’s finest professional Certified Pilates Instructors. To be included in Pilates World Directory, Pilates Certification from a recognized Pilates School is mandatory. Pilates affiliations with Pilates Alliance or Pilates Unions are not required. Read below.


There are two basic Pilates principals behind all Pilates Schools. Authentic Pilates, or Pilates Based programing. Both Pilates belief systems offer excellent Pilates. When it comes to the best Pilates this first depends on where the Pilates Instructor received their Pilates education, as well as the skills and experience of the individual instructor. Choosing your instructor or school is a personal choice.  Always verify your Instructors’ education and Certification. Look for a copy of their certificate on  Here below, schools are listed based on their Pilates principles, and by year the school first began to offer Pilates Certification to "students." See below list for other information and details.


Best Authentic Pilates Schools
Also Known as Original, Classical, True or Traditional Pilates. Authentic Pilates schools maintain the original teachings of Joseph Pilates


Best Contemporary Pilates Schools
Also known as: Pilates Based or Based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, and is Modified or Non-Traditional Pilates

20 Years Plus     20 Years Plus  
Pilates, Inc. 1991 - 2008   Stott Pilates 1990's
PAPT / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles  1992   BASI Pilates 1990's by PAPT LA 1992   Alan Herdman Pilates 1990's
The Pilates Studio of Seattle 1993 - 2006   Fletcher Pilates 1990's
      Physical Mind Institute 1991
      Peak Performance Pilates 1992 - 1992
15 Years Plus     15 Years Plus  
The Pilates Studio of the Midwest 1995 - 2008   Polestar Pilates 1994
The Pilates Center of Boulder 1995   Dianne Miller Pilates  1995
Pilates Technique 1996   JL Body Conditioning 1995
      Kathy Corey Pilates 1995
      Long Beach Dance Conditioning 1998
      Kane School 1999
10 Years Plus     10 Years Plus  
The Pilates Institute of Boulder 2000   Pilates Sports Center 2000
Power Pilates 2005   The Method Pilates 2000
Peter Fiasca Pilates 2005   Peak Pilates 2005
Re: AB Pilates 2005   Vancouver Pilates Centre 2005
5 Years Plus     5 Years Plus  
Romana's Pilates / True Pilates 2006   Balanced Body 2006
The New York Pilates Studio 2008   Michael King Pilates 2008



Most Pilates Schools start off by offering Pilates classes to the general public and "clients," and then years later after developing the experience, may begin to offer Pilates certification programming to "students" seeking to earn Pilates certification.  Therefore, the dates for each Pilates School here on are not related to the date the Pilates facility opened for business, and not the date the owner of a organization first received their own personal certification and began teaching Pilates to "clients," but are related to the date the Pilates organizations first began offering Pilates certification programming to students.


Pilates Alliances, or Pilates Unions are not considered “Pilates Schools.” Pilates Alliances or Pilates Union memberships and affiliations are in fact optional, and is secondary to the Certified Pilates Instructor’s education, which must and can only be obtained from a recognized “Pilates School.” As a consumer it is the education of your Pilates instructor that is most important to consider. 


Pilates Alliance or Pilates Union memberships are typically fee-based, even those such as the PMA or ACE for example, who operate as a testing agency are not considered or recognized as a Pilates Schools. Affiliations or memberships with Pilates Alliances or Unions are not a requirement for any Certified Pilates Instructors, but it is only the Pilates Instructors’ personal choice to join a union or alliance or not. And therefore memberships with Pilates Alliances or Pilates Unions are not essential for the Certified Pilates Instructor to be recognized and or credited.

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