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Excellence in Pilates
Our Goal at the Authentic Pilates Education Australia (APEA) Comprehensive Pilates, is to train excellent instructors.
When choosing a Pilates training program, high quality Pilates training is key to a successful and fulfilling career as a Pilates Teacher. Pilates instructors require knowledge, skill and confidence to provide effective private Pilates training and group sessions. Our solid APEA teacher training program will provide you with the foundation in understanding the Classical Pilates Method, the underlying principles, equipment and how it all works as an “ integrated System”.
The Comprehensive Pilates Certification provides both Pilates mat certification and full Pilates apparatus certification over 600 hours.
After completion of this training Program, you will be prepared to teach informed and effective sessions of the Pilates repertoire including mat and the complete apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel. This course will provide you with Government accredited outcome via RTO (PITC) Alliance.
Remember, you will not be an “good, effective Pilates instructor with excellent teaching skills” after only a few weekends of training.
Classical Pilates trained instructors are sought after at studios and fitness facilities worldwide. We will help you reach your full potential providing you with a thorough teaching training program.

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